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Steps in a DUI Trial

If you are facing DUI charges in the Denver area, you do not want an attorney who pressures you to plead guilty when it is not the right option for your case. In many cases, going to trial is necessary to stand up for your rights and avoid wrongful conviction. For this reason, you always […]

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Do I Really need an Attorney for my First DUI?

Many people believe that a DUI is a relatively minor case. This belief may stem from watching others go through a DUI case and seemingly face few consequences or from the relative acceptance of drinking and driving in a social group. A person may especially believe that a DUI is no big deal if it […]

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What do Miranda Rights mean in a DUI Arrest?

Almost everyone is familiar with the reading of “Miranda rights” from television and movies, though many people do not fully understand when Miranda warnings are required or the implications that these rights have. The following is a brief overview of the effects of Miranda rights during a DUI arrest. The term “Miranda rights” stems from […]

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