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Drunk Bicycling can Result in a Colorado DUI

Colorado is consistently ranked as one of the most bicycle-friendly states in the country. Thousands of residents regularly use bikes both for recreation and as transportation to commute from place to place. Additionally, many of Colorado’s universities and colleges have significant parking issues, making bicycles particularly attractive to the student population. With so many bikes […]

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Is a Marijuana Breathalyzer in our Near Future?

Recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Colorado and Washington, with legislation pending in Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia. Additionally, use of medically prescribed marijuana is legal in 23 states plus the District and Columbia. The legalization of marijuana may be significantly more widespread if legislators were not so concerned with an increase […]

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What if I Miss my DUI Court Date?

The first court date for a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) or other Colorado drunk driving offenses is called the arraignment. At this arraignment, you will hear the official charges against you and will have to enter an initial plea of not guilty or guilty. Many people who have not hired an attorney […]

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