Young Adults Penalized Greater in Colorado DUI cases

Minor drivers suffer some of the worst consequences when arrested for driving under the influence. Regardless of what happens in the court case, the DMV will also take separate action against the minor’s driver’s license. Across the board, the consequences of drinking and driving if you are under 21 in Colorado DUI cases are severe.

For DMV purposes, minor drivers are drivers under the age of 21 at the time of the violation. This means that if you are 20 year old when arrested for DUI in Colorado but you turn 21 before you go to court, you are classified as a minor.

Minor drivers suffer greater penalties if convicted of DUI or DWAI in court. Even for a first offense, the consequence for a conviction is a one-year driver’s license revocation. You will not be eligible for a restricted or probationary license during this year.

The DMV may also revoke your driver’s license at an administrative hearing if your BAC was greater than .019. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) was between .019 and .08, the driver’s license revocation for a first offense is for three months. If your BAC was .08 or greater, the license revocation is for nine months. If you refused to take a test, the revocation is for one year.

Additionally, you can be convicted of underage drinking and driving if your BAC was between .019 and .051. If convicted of this offense, you would suffer a three-month driver’s license revocation, but would be eligible for a probationary license.

As you can see, the consequences of a DUI arrest for a teenager or young adult. Colorado DUI law looks sternly upon minor drivers and drunk driving cases. If you are under 21 and in need of the assistance of a Denver DUI lawyer, contact a professional defense attorney today.

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