Jay Tiftickjian Joins Faculty at Colorado Bar’s Hanging Your Shingle CLE

Jay Tiftickjian, President of Tiftickjian Law Firm, will join a panel of attorneys for the Colorado Bar Association’s annual Hanging Your Shingle CLE on Friday, August 16. The presentation is titled From the Trenches – A Panel Presentation on Traps to Avoid and Practical Tips Featuring Personal Experiences from Attorneys Who Have Been Where You are Going! Attorney Tiftickjian, the only DUI attorney in the curriculum, will join other respected Colorado attorneys to discuss law firm practice management, ethics, and other issues surrounding the starting and development of a successful law firm.

Here is a description from the Colorado Bar Association’s website:

Program Description:
Starting your own law firm means not only knowing how to practice law, but also knowing how to run a business. Whether you just graduated from law school or have been practicing for many years, you probably have not learned a lot about how to run a business.
That is where the CBA/CLE Hanging Your Shingle Program comes in.
Nowhere else in Colorado are you going to get this kind of expertise and these resources to get your law firm off the ground. This comprehensive seminar is your toolbox for building the career and the life you have envisioned.
From writing your business plan to getting a line of credit, from balancing your books to billing hours, from avoiding malpractice to being savvy in social media —you will leave this program with the inspiration, confidence and resources you need to build and control your future.
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