How can a Denver DUI Attorney Help Me?

The Colorado Department of Transportation reports that more than 26,000 people in the state are accused of drunk driving every year. The consequences of a driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) conviction can be very serious, and may include probation, significant fines, mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, an ignition interlock restriction being placed on your license, and even jail time. In addition, a DUI conviction on your record can result in significant collateral consequences as well, including difficulty obtaining employment, sanctions imposed by academic institutions, professional problems, and damage to your reputation in the community. Fortunately, there are many ways that an attorney can help, some of which are discussed below.3329150820_309d8d833d

Connect you with treatment resources

While not all people who are accused of DUI have a problem with drugs or alcohol, some do, and a DUI arrest is often the impetus for people to seek treatment. In addition, courts tend to look favorably on people who seek treatment voluntarily, and doing so may result in a better outcome to your case. An attorney familiar with representing people accused of DUI will be able to connect you with drug and alcohol abuse treatment options.

Determine whether there are any legal defenses available

In many cases, there are legal defenses available that may mitigate the allegations against you or even result in the dismissal of your case. Potential defenses include alleging constitutional violations, arguing that any chemical testing performed was inaccurate, or introducing evidence of the existence of medical conditions that cause symptoms that resemble intoxication. When you retain an attorney, he or she will thoroughly review your case and determine if there are any legal defenses that may apply.

Represent you in plea negotiations with the prosecutor handling your case

The majority of DUI cases are resolved long before they are even set for trial and involve a defendant pleading guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. These deals are negotiated between a prosecutor and the defendant and are subject to the approval of the judge presiding over the case. Generally speaking, prosecutors offer clients who retain counsel plea bargains that have much more favorable terms than they do to defendants who choose to represent themselves.

Defend you at trial

In the event that your case does go to trial, it is imperative to have the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The substantive and procedural rules that are involved with conducting a trial can be extremely complicated, and the assistance of an attorney who is familiar with criminal defense can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Contact a Denver criminal defense attorney today to schedule a free case evaluation

Individuals who are accused of DUI should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. In most cases, the assistance of an experienced attorney results an outcome which is significantly better from the perspective of the defendant. The DUI defense lawyers of the Tiftickjian Law Firm are dedicated to helping people accused of drunk driving and other crimes mitigate the short and long term consequences they are facing. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our office today at (303) DUI-5280 or send us an email through our online contact form.

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