New Year’s Eve Among the Biggest Nights for DUI

CFPjCOO2As the holiday season continues and New Year’s Eve approaches, we think it fitting to remind our readers that this holiday is among the biggest nights for DUI in the year. The following post provides information on DUI at New Year’s, as well as tips to avoid a DUI.

The Data: New Year’s Eve in Context

New Year’s Eve is the fourth biggest night of the year for DUI-related accidents, and the top night of the year for DUI arrests. It is a major night for enforcement activities such as checkpoints and roving patrols. You should always keep this in mind if you go out. Locations of checkpoints are public information and you can learn about them in advance if you know where to look. You should exercise caution on the road on New Year’s at all times. Even if you are not drinking, there is probably someone else on the road who has been. Vigilance against other people’s erratic driving can save your life.

Tips for Avoiding a DUI

If you want to enjoy yourself with a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, but also want to avoid a DUI this holiday season, consider the following strategies.

Stay Home

This does not mean you should not celebrate, but you might be better off if you do your drinking in the comfort of your own home or another’s home where you are welcome to stay. Want to have friends over? Offer them a place to stay so they do not have to take the risk of getting a DUI.

Designate a Driver

If you must go out, it is always wise to have a designated driver. Often friends who go out frequently together will have a rotating designated driver plan. If you do not have such an arrangement, it might be a good night to invite that friend of yours who does not drink along.

Call a Cab or Use Ridesharing

It used to be that traditional taxi cab services were the best way to avoid the need to drive after having a few drinks.  With the recent advent of ridesharing technologies, you are no longer forced to depend on the traditional cab system, which can become congested and expensive on the holidays. Using Uber or Lyft can be a great way to get home when it is too busy to get a traditional cab.

Contact a Colorado DUI Attorney

If you are arrested on New Year’s Eve this year, you need the best representation you can get.  A DUI is a serious matter that can have lasting consequences for you. You can not afford to face the justice system alone without the help of a skilled defense attorney. The attorneys at the Tiftickjian firm devote their practice to defending DUI and DUI related charges. Contact us today.

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